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The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - html CD-Rom - out now!
89 mb, and some 3,000+ pages

Probably everything you ever needed to know about German prog & experimental music! To realistically price this project, taking in all the work that was involved, would have meant a crazily high price. But, we are not greedy, so we decided upon pricing it the same as the original book at £20, which I'm sure you'll agree is remarkable value for something that is so mind-bogglingly huge!
Buy the CD-ROM now: The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - CDROM 2008.
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - revised 2008 magazine - new!

You wanted a printed version of the CD-Rom for easy reference? Well, this is it, in magazine form. It's the main guts of the Rom, all the main articles and full discographies, all crammed-in a bit more than the original book, but not some of the extra sub-pages (galleries or concert listings), and only a few of the pictures.

Here's a brief run-down of the 24 issues...

Part 1: Introduction & Behind The Scenes
Part 2: Krautrock Scene, Abacus - The Cosmic Jokers
Part 3: Krautrock Scene, Coupla Prog - Frob
Part 4: Krautrock Scene, Edgar Froese - Kraftwerk
Part 5: Krautrock Scene, Kraftwerk - Popol Vuh
Part 6: Krautrock Scene, Popol Vuh - Steeple Chase Bluesband
Part 7: Krautrock Scene, Sternenmädchen - Zyma
Part 8: Cuckoos & Scrambled Eggs

Work in progress...
Part 9: Austria & Switzerland
Part 10: DDR [former East Germany]
Part 11: Beat & Historical / Retro & Neo-Psych
Part 12: Avant-Garde / Sonic Art & Noise
Part 13: Jazz & Fusions, Acoustic - Kühn & Quintus
Part 14: Jazz & Fusions, Rolf Kühn - York, MacDowell, Schmid
Part 15: Folk & Ethnic / Neo-Prog / Metal
Part 16: Neue Deutsche Welle
Part 17: Synth & New-Age, ACI - Megabyte
Part 18: Synth & New-Age, Peter Mergener - ?
Part 19: ?, TBA
Part 20: ?, TBA
Part 21: ?, TBA
Part 22: ?, TBA
Part 23: ?, TBA
Part 24: ?, TBA

Part 25: free bonus A-Z contents index

? Samplers, Festivals, TV & Radio
? Record Labels & Distributors
? Rumours & Mysteries
? Rejects & Misfits

We're issuing them in batches of 4
Ulrich Klatte
Cosmic Price Guide to original Krautrock records
Completely revised and updated 2nd edition 2006
Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik, & other progressive, experimental & electronic musics from Germany, 1st print run December 1996, 2nd print run May 1997, A4, 320 page book. The definitive encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik and all things weird and wonderful from Germany. A huge comprehensive 1kg book (thick cover, quality stitch-bound paperback), with an awesome... 1177 entries (Krautrock bands, soloists, etc.), 2500 albums (including musician details), plus non-LP singles, compilation contributions, as well as two 16 page picture sections, including many rare photos, 150+ LP covers. Praised by the media & Krautrock musicians. Well-over 4,000 copies sold! Sold out!
Julian Cope
kraut rock sampler
One head's guide to the Grosse Kosmische Musik
Ingeborg Schober
Tanz der Lemminge
Amon Düül - eine Musikkommune in der Protestbewegung der 60er Jahre.
Gerhard Augustin
Der Pate des Krautrock
ISBN: 3-86543-050-3
Dag Erik Asbjornsen
Cosmic Dreams At Play
A guide to German progressive and electronic rock
Rope Schmidt
Bonner Rock Lexikon