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Virgin's Dream (Essen) - 2 albums

VIRGIN'S DREAM first saw the light of day as VIRGIN'S BLUE DREAM in Essen, Germany, at the beginning of 1968 founded as a blues-band, but actually they never played the old blues, for at that time a lot of new exciting and unforeseen musical developments shattered the rockmusicworld, that practically no one in the business could escape, not even a bit honest (and boring) band like The Beatles. Their album Sgt.Pepper still today delivers evidence of that. And so VIRGIN'S DREAM too made themselves up to sail to yet unexplored musical shores... ...They made their first steps to world fame in the youth-centers of their hometown Essen and pretty fast they grew out off this scene and got to be known outside the cityborders, what at that times wasn't that easy. Millions of bands shot like mushrooms, and there were a lot of clubs, festivals and concerts in which the bands could present themselves. But VIRGIN'S DREAM always were a tic more creative, complex, fuller of spirit and also technically better than others. At the sudden end of their carrier in 72, the band had reached cult-status in the area of Northrhinewestfalia, actually was on their way to be known all over Germany and a first album was planned. Unfortunately for the world it didn't come to that because bandleader and songwriter Rolf Trenkler decided to seek his luck on an odyssee that took him as a professional musician to Greece, with job offers to Persia and Lebanon and finally to New York City till 1975... ...The most astonishing with VIRGIN'S DREAM, was their unbelievable faithful group of devotees, the "virgin's family". They never missed one single concert and so soon got to know each other... ...This family included some later well known artists in Germany, like the musicians Witthüser & Westrupp, Franz de Byl, Stoppok, Michael Jüllich (Contact Trio), film producer Hanno Huth, world famous painter Martin Kippenberger or jazz-specialist and radio-announcer Michael Ruesenberg... ...VIRGIN'S DREAM always were openminded to experimental new developments. So they probably were the first German band using a "psychedelic light-show" on stage... ...Describing the music of VIRGIN’S DREAM by comparing them to other bands is not that simple, because like every really good band they had their own incomparable style. The more melodic parts of their songs are a little reminiscent of the wonderful band Cressida, whose remains are two absolutely timeless records... ...Composer Rolf Trenkler was very touched by Cressida's singer Angus Cullen whom he saw on stage at Londons Marquee Club in 68. On the opposite side - the early Soft Machine were a main influence in Trenkler's music arrangements, with their experimental sounds and jazzy drive and so, mainly being a guitarist, Trenkler also learned the e-piano, organ and later saxophone to play his compositions, because at that time one mostly could find guitar-players in the german rockmusic-scene... ...On the band's group-foto You see "Calle Coin” and “Willili La Lange" (left + right, at the bottom), who were known in the virgins-family as: the "Dancers in Hope". The story behind that: In 1970 the band Hawkwind gave a concert in the Gruga-Hall of Essen with a chubby nude girl-dancer on stage. Of course all we young guys were strongly impressed and so the idea was born to create Calle and Willili as the Virgins-Dancers and by this heightening the Virgins presentations to an overall work of total art... [ (Reinhold Horst 11/2000)]

Virgin's Dream (Essen)
The X-Tapes CD

01. Wake Up (1:20)
02. Evening Star (3:20)
03. Der blaue Kapuzinermönch (17:17)
04. Rainy Day In June (9:20)
05. The Well (11:35)
06. El Dorado (3:40)
07. The Galant Knight (3:33)
08. I Am One Of Those (4:50)
09. Never (6:40) [Trenkler’s Projekt Trep-X 1993]
10. Eagle’s Nest (4:05) [Trenkler’s Projekt Trep-X 1990]

Virgin's Dream (Essen)
Sophisty LP

01. Hop Sing (6:27)
02. Sophisty (6:13)
03. Black Eagle [Part II] (5:12)
04. Call St. Monica (4:50)
05. Master Of The Moods (5:24)
06. Mannix (7:41)
07. De Achterlÿcke Hoefman (6:09)
08. Airborne (1:50)