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THE LORD'S FAMILY (Nürnberg) - 1 albums

LORD'S FAMILY was a music community that was founded in Nuremberg in 1970 and existed from 1971 to 1974 in Beilngries in the Altmühltal in Bavaria.The group's mystical and ecological identity, which was one of the first bands to combine German-language lyrics with idiosyncratic music, made it a forerunner of the ecological, green movement. The family was inspired by their psychedelic experience, the influence of Christian mysticism and Eastern spirituality. From Munich to Heidelberg, from Erlangen to Berlin, LORD'S FAMILY won numerous fans through their live concerts, but never recorded an album. The musicians hardly cared about the music market and the musical mainstream. Their special feature was the combination of improvisation as a continuous spontaneous re-creation with composed choruses and narrative texts as well as the integration of Bavarian folklore.TV stations as Radio Bremen and, the Bavarian Radio and numerous print media had reported on the artistic, social and ecological experiment of the Bavarian commune, the "Monks in Jeans." The municipality even published its own newspaper "Family Press", to earn money for the "Schlössl", an old hunting lodge that LORD'S FAMILY rented in Beilngries until 1974. Although the band was not part of the record market, they already made forerunners of video clips of the improvised music. Many bands from the Krautrock era made station during their tours in the "Schlössl", which was followed by regular return visits of the music-making community.Musically, the musicians moved somewhere between Amon Düül II and Popl Vuh, but the improvisation experiments of the band were deeply independent. In 1974, the municipality dissolved, from the former members Sepp Kuffer and Georg Frisch are still musically active.Sireena Records is proud to present this record. The music comes from tapes owned by Sepp Kuffer, who certainly do not have high end quality but are a real sound document - from a creative time, when so much was possible!

Innere Musik EP