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German Oak (Duesseldorf) - 2 albums

German Oak was established in 1971 by Caesar and Ulli (also the only constant members in the years to come). At this time most Düsseldorf rock bands were boring their audience (or not) by imitating PINK FLOYD. But ther were exceptions. German Oak was one of them. Going away from schedule “Intro-Centre-Outro”, they mostly used to play long tracks (based on hardrock and blues) containing the centre-parts throughout. Trying to express the feelings only in their music. German Oak never had a vocalist. Summer 1972: Everyone was dreaming of an own record. Two other Düsseldorf rock bands had realized their projects (ORGANISATION & DOM) – so why not German Oak? The only one who had saved money was me, so i made the gamble. Exacly 213 records were made but there was no more money for the covers. Trying to sell some records with hand-painted and gummed paper-covers to local record-shops ended up as a fiasco. Not only one record was bought by the dealers. 202 copies were stored in the cellar of my parents. In the mid 80’s when there was request in forgotten records, I exhumed the bodies by keeping the secret that I’d been a member and painted the cover. German Oak (in the end called “Reaktor” existed ‘til 1977 when Caesar changed to bass and joined “Hammersmith”. At this time he is playing bass for well known southern-rock-band “G’loyd”. [Manfred Uhr (Warlock) im Begleitinfo zur CD „German Oak“]

German Oak (Duesseldorf)
German Oak LP,CD

    LP tracks
01. Airalert (1:50)
02. Down In The Bunker (17:51)
03. Raid Over Düsseldorf (16:02)
04. 1945 - Out Of The Ashes (2:14)
    CD tracks
05. Swastika Rising (4:55)
06. The Third Reich (10:18)
07. Shadows Of War (5:54)
    a) Rain Of Destruction
    b) V1 To London
08. Airalert (1:50)
09. Down In The Bunker (17:51)
10. Raid Over Düsseldorf (16:02)
11. 1945 - Out Of The Ashes (2:14)

German Oak (Duesseldorf)
Nibelungenlied CD

01. The Heroic Deeds Of Siegfried (6:08)
02. Nibelungenlied I: (7:25)
03. - Siegfried & Kriemhild
04. Gunter & Brunhild (3:59)
05. Hagen von Tronje (5:39)
06. Siegfried’s Death (4:10)
07. Dankwart, Rüdiger & Hildebrand (4:22)
08. Dietrich von Bern (3:25)
09. Nibelungenlied II: (12:12)
10. a) Kriemhild & Etzel
11. b) Final Fights And Death
12. Lament (1:24)