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Association PC (Bremen) - 5 albums

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Association PC (Bremen)
Ear Wax LP

01. Voorkant
02. Spider
03. Hit the P. Tit
04. Elsen
05. Achterkant
06. Earwax
07. Round A'Bout Nine
08. Jazzper

Association PC (Bremen)
Erna Morena LP

01. Frau Theunissen's Kegel
02. Erna Morena part 1:
(a) Space Erna
(b) Erna in India (van 't Hof)
03. Erna Morena part 2:
(c) Erna Audi Maxima!
(d) Only Grass in my Stomach
(e) Schnoor 8

Association PC (Bremen)
Sun rotation LP

01. Idee A
    (a) Scorpion
    (b) Neuteboom
    (c) Scorcussion
02. Silence
03. Don Paul
04. Totemism
05. Frau Theunissen

Association PC (Bremen)
Rock around the cock LP

01. Phenis
02. Polar Anna
03. Mirrored Dimensions
04. Shirocco
05. Rock Around The Cock
06. Autumn In March
07. Cap Carneval

Association PC (Bremen)
Mama Kuku LP,CD

01. Mama Kuku
02. Bold 'n Steig
03. Dr. Hofmann
04. Ecnelis
05. Bassamagic
06. Lausanne

Jasper van't Hof, Toto Blanke, Pierre Courbois, Siggi Busch

(Above, standing, left to right)Toto Blanke; somebody in a poster; Jeremy Steig.
(Above, sitting, left to right) Joachim Khn; Pierre Courbois; Siggi Busch.