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Neu: VARIOUS - Love & Peace 1970 - 2 LP Longhair.
Neu: STAGG - Swf - Session 1974 - LP Longhair.
Neu: NEKTAR - Megalomania - LP 2018 Sireena.

Amos Key (Muenchen) - Keynotes - The lost Tapes SWF Session 1973 - 1973

For the first time on CD: The radio session of classical rock influenced great German krautrockers Amos Key. Amos Key owed great debts to Bach, Beethoven and Schumann, adding a heavy krautrock twist to a music closely resembling the Nice or Egg, full of angst and weird psychedelic and space-rock touches (Freeman Brothers: In A Crack In The Cosmic Egg). Amos Key lived in Munich and consisted of great organ-player Thomas Molin, congenial bass-player Andreas Gross and superb drummer Lutz Ludwig. This fairly competent outfit recorded the radio sessions before they released their famous and very rare album "First Key" in 1973 on label "Spiegelei". Sadly bandleader and organ-player Thomas Molin passed away in the 90ies but bass-player Andreas Gross tells the band story in a very vivid and funny way. 24 pages booklet contains also a lot of unseen photos. Sound is perfect; remastered from the original tape. Don't miss this superb item.
01. Sometimes (Molin) 03:11
02. Flucht (Molin) 04:17
03. First Snow (Molin/Gross) 05:54
04. Ensterknick-Stimm-Stamm (Molin/Gross) 04:34
05. I Got The Feeling (Molin) 05:20
06. Emanon (Molin) 01:43
07. Toccata (Bach/Molin) 02:07
08. Knecht Ruprecht (Molin/Gross) 05:12
09. Satyr (Molin/Gross) 04:25
10. Important Happening (Molin/Gross) 08:47
Amos Key_Keynotes -  The lost Tapes SWF Session 1973_krautrock
Gross, Andreas (2) (guitar, bass, vocals) 
Ludwig, Lutz (3) (drums)  Sub
Molin, Thomas (2) (keyboards, vocals) 
Longhair - 2010 - CD

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