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Okko (Bekker) (Hamburg) - 4 Alben

Apparently Dutch-born, Okko Bekker is quoted as first appearing on the German music scene in the late-1960's when in Hamburg he first struck up a friendship with the then very young Asmus Tietchens. His early work with Asmus is documented on the newly released ADVENTURES IN SOUND.

After extensive musical and technical studies, Okko went on to become an ethnomusicologist and dabbler with electronics, with a range of musical exploration that has been very wide-ranging. He debuted under the sole moniker "Okko" in 1971 with the amusingly chic album SITAR & ELECTRONICS, which sounded like a hybrid of Ananda Shankar and those cheesy "synth goes classic" type of albums. It's a record that has some great moments, but is now so very dated. His other solo work is unknown to us, yet we do know of his involvement in the project Frank David Selection, and he also worked as a session musician in various Hamburg studios, notably with Achim Reichel, and also the "pop Schlager" outfit Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris & Django.

As if he were a different person, Okko reappeared in the project Liliental, an album that re-cemented his ongoing partnership as producer and assistant with Asmus Tietchens, with whom he has worked with extensively, and also done a few direct collaborations.
(Crack in the cosmic egg)

Okko (Bekker) (Hamburg)
Sitar & electronics LP,CD

01. A day in the life 4:44
02. Ganges Delta 3:15
03. Himalaya highway 4:28
04. East Indian traffic 4:10
05. If I needed someone 3:07
06. Shivas lullaby 3:28
07. Pointed sails on Ganges 6:30
08. Santana 4:02

Okko (Bekker) (Hamburg)
Santana / Shivas Lullaby 7"

01. Santana
02. Shivas Lullaby

Okko (Bekker) (Hamburg)
Yoga für Millionen LP

01. Agni Sarah
02. Asvini-Mudra
03. Pranayana
04. Savasana
05. Makarasana
06. Bhujangasana
07. Dhanurasana
08. Paschimatana

Okko (Bekker) (Hamburg)
Solo LP

01. A Day In The Life 4:44
02. Santana 3:15
03. Himalaya Highway 4:21
04. East Indian Traffic 4:10
05. If I Needed Someone 3:07
06. Shivas Lullaby 3:28
07. Painted Sails On Ganges 6:30
08. Ganges Delta 4:02