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Neu: KROKODIL - An Invisible World Revealed - CD 1971 Digipack Krokodil Records.
Neu: VARIOUS - Love & Peace 1970 - 2 LP Longhair.
Neu: STAGG - Swf - Session 1974 - LP Longhair.
Neu: NEKTAR - Megalomania - LP 2018 Sireena.

Choice - Just a dream - 1980

Choice grew out of one of the best German one-shots (excluding their apparently awful reformation album), Epidaurus, and included both of that estimable outfit's keyboard players, Günther Henne and Gerd Linke. Compared to their superb effort of only three years earlier, Choice peddled a relatively mainstream form of prog on Just a Dream, which I've seen compared to Kayak, or maybe Camel, although just because it was quite late in the day for prog, that didn't have to mean giving in to The Man (see: Tau). Actually, I'm being a little unfair here; there are several reasonable tracks on the album, including Ixtlan and Old Piece Of Rock, it's just that after the Epidaurus album of all of three years earlier, it's a slight let-down.
01. Ixtlan’
02. Hollow Men
03. All The Things
04. Remembrances
05. Sonnenaufgang
06. Old Piece Of Rock
07. Back Up
08. Nothing To Hide
Choice_Just a dream_krautrock
Henne, Günter (1) (keyboards, percussion) 
Jureit, Peter (4) (drums)  Grobschnitt; Messalla
Kunert, Heinz (2) (bass, percussion)  Epidaurus
Kühnel, Ferdi (2) (vocals) Breakfast
Linke, Gerd (2) (keyboards, guitar, drums)  Epidaurus
Steinert, Ulrich (2) (guitar)  Messalla
Rocktopus - 1980 - LP

Referenzen: Epidaurus

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