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Camera Obscura (Koeln) - Camera Obscura - 1984

Several bands with this name exist or have existed. This one is from Germany and the mid-eighties.

In the early eighties, I moved out of Cologne into the countryside and lived with Hans Niederberger and Urs Fuchs (among others) in a beautiful half-timbered house which had a basement rehearsal room with a drum set and lots of keyboards.

In December 1983, Hans and Urs asked me to join them for a recording project called Camera Obscura. We spent a weekend recording several long mostly ambient tracks which also featured drum rhythms played by Hans, and my frippertronics style guitar loops and soloing.

We played this music to our friend Matthias Becker who had a studio and runs the Originalton West record label. He liked our recordings so much that he joined us. We used his studio and some of his keyboards (such as a Fairlight CMI) to create new recordings of our pieces. Matthias also added a synth loop / Gregorian Chant style piece which blended very nicely with the other sounds. The result was the Camera Obscura LP which got quite a lot of airplay for a while (in specialized radio shows such as Winfried Trenkler's "Schwingungen" in Germany, and many campus radio stations in the US) and good sales figures especially in the US, thanks to Archie Patterson, who liked the music and distributed the LP via Eurock. Here is a one-page promo sheet describing the three tracks of the LP (300kB PDF).

The band stayed together for a short while and we even had one legendary gig (in a church at midnight!) but it stayed essentially a studio project.

In 1994, Matthias rereleased the recording on CD. It is now available through Burning Shed.
01. Die Reise > a) Zeit Zum Aufbruch; b) Mit Der Strömung; c) Zu Neuen Ufern /
02. A L'Horizon Clervaüx
03. Alle Zeit Der Welt
LP cover

Camera Obscura_Camera Obscura_krautrock
CD cover

Camera Obscura_Camera Obscura_krautrock
Becker, Matthias (1) (synthesizers, computer, bass, tape loops) 
Fuchs, Urs (1) (acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizer, xylophone) 
Niederberger, Hans (1) (computer, synthesizers, organ) 
Peters, Michael (3) (guitar, devices)  Ceddo

Dütsch, Alice (1) (vocals) 
Riechert, Uli (1) (drums) 
West - 1984 - LP

Burning Shed - 1994 - CD

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